Today’s top billing organizations look to innovative technology to close performance gaps...

taking billing and collections to the next level.


Increase efficiency & time by eliminating manual tasks & processes.


Increase claim submission speed & accuracy.


Increase data-driven decisions with real-time reporting.

Shorten Your Revenue Cycle

Learn how to shorten your overall Revenue Cycle without shortening your wallet in just 15 minutes!

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Tune In: HBMA Roundtable

Vendor Roundtable on Practice Management Software and Technology Solutions
Featuring Ben Buchanan, Chief Marketing Officer, ImagineSoftware

Participating vendor members will have an opportunity to hear the feedback of RCM/PBD firsthand and ask probing questions to gain a deeper level of understanding. In addition, these sessions may provide you an opportunity to learn about features and techniques that you may previously overlooked.


Tune In: HBMA Webinar

Closing Performance Gaps: Creating an Automated Revenue Cycle
Presented by: Ben Buchanan, Chief Marketing Officer, ImagineSoftware

Up-to-date patient information, correct insurance details, proper denials management, and a well-trained staff all contribute to efficient revenue cycle management by facilitating faster, more accurate submissions. Today’s top billing organizations also look to innovative technology for helping close performance gaps when taking billing and collections to the next level. Learn more about the "how" and "why" of automating processes from point-of-care to patient payments, as well as the positive impact automation can have on shortening the overall revenue cycle.

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