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First Class Billing Solutions

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Collect claims in 3-7 days through automation, reporting and staff efficiency.

"We increased our productivity by 400% without adding any additional staff. That's incredible. Imagine created that environment."

The first multi-platform Urgent Care Clinic billing software for improving cash flow, simplifying data entry, and providing real-time productivity monitoring to help your team reach peak performance.

  • Automates up to 98% of billing for Urgent Care
  • Report and dashboard capabilities, plus AI-driven customizations
  • Real-time validation
  • Configure A/R task lists for your team's workflow

People Can Tell When You Imagine

Implementing ImagineBilling™ allows us to look at our entire workforce and better optimize to serve our client base... ImagineBilling™ has created a competitive advantage for our team in the marketplace. The efficiencies gained through the software has allowed us to better structure our team to be more organized around client success.


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